Red9 ProPack – Butterworth Filter – Animation Re-Sampling on Steroids!

Now available in Red9 ProPack!

This is a huge new feature for any animators dealing with dense baked data…. the Red9 StudioPack already has an interactive curve filter to deal with re-sampling animation curves but soon the ProPack will be getting an all new Butterworth algorithm, one of the main filter methods from MotionBuilder for cleaning up noisy data.

The Butterworth filter is actually derived from an audio filter so is superb at taking noise out and re-sampling animation data, we’ve taken this method and wrapped it into a neat, interactive tool inside Maya.

This will save anybody dealing with MoCap or facial data a massive amount of production time!!

This second video is as a result of a request from a number of clients who are dealing with budget moCap setups and needing solutions to help clean-up up some of the low frequency noise inherent in the data …. a perfect case for the Butterworth algorithm. In this case it’s data from Perception Neuron system.

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  1. John Lally
    John Lally says:

    This looks great! Are there plans to incorporate the Butterworth method tools into your Studio Pack, or will they just be available in Pro Pack? Once again, nice work!

    • ginger
      ginger says:

      Thanks John, the Butterworth is part of the ProPack only at the moment as it relies on some of the more advanced systems in the Pro.animation module.

      • John Lally
        John Lally says:

        Okay, thank you for the quick reply. Is ProPack something that’s available for download/purchase or is that a paid service that you provide? (Or is it both?) I’m still a little unclear on that! 🙂


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