Red9 offers cutting edge production services, tools, solutions, bespoke workflows and support to the animation industry.

Ever thought your studio or production could be working faster, better, more streamlined or efficiently but don’t have the man-power, experience or R&D team to do anything about it? Well that’s where we come in!

Red9 is already working closely with some of the largest film and game studios around the world, supplying state of the art pipeline solutions, rigging and facial systems.

Our open-source Red9 StudioPack is expanding rapidly, gaining a huge user-base across the animation industry and recently becoming the only Maya App on the Autodesk Exchange site to be fully certified by Autodesk – but we’re not stopping there.

Our Red9 Pro-Pack now offers cutting edge additions to the tools that you love, and many new and initiative features aimed at the larger studio environment. We can now offer the kind of workflows previously only available to the largest in house tech teams. This will come with various licensing options so watch this space.

We’re a team of CG veterans with multiple AAA+ games behind us, passionate about sharing our experience and knowledge, helping you achieve more for less.

Mark Jackson

Codey Artsy Type & CEO

Mark‘s been in the CGI industry since it’s early days, starting out in the vfx industry way back in 1990. He moved over to games in 1996 and became the R&D manager for Eurocom Entertainment, eventually forming their Art Pipelines department and along with a small team of 7 responsible for all their rigging, facial and animation systems. In 2011 he started to develop the Red9 StudioPack as an open source toolkit for other TD’s.

In 2013 he became Technical Animation Director for Crytek UK under which the StudioPack flourished, being the core of all the Maya pipelines. Whilst there he spent 3 years researching and developing their facial system for what eventually become Homefront the Revolution, the last game he developed before forming Red9 Consultancy with Franco.

Franco Bresciani

Artsy Codey Type & Tech Director

Franco has over 16 years of experience in CGI and trained at the Vancouver Film School. After leaving he was involved in a number of film and VFX productions before he met Mark in 2005 when he joined the R&D team at Eurocom Entertainment. During this time he worked on many AAA+ games and became more involved in pipeline development and coding.

He joined Crytek Frankfurt as Senior Technical Animator around the same time as Mark and the 2 continued to work closely together, all be it at different studios.

Franco is developing some of the key features of Red9 ProPack as well as some extremely cool tools for our clients around the animation world .