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Red9 goes a long way toward laying foundations and filling gaps in the modern animation pipeline.

Morgan LoomisLead Animator Weta DigitialMorgan Loomis

We constantly recommend and use the Red9 tools as they fill in a major gap in the Maya animation tool set. Additionally they provide a great foundation to build a rigging system around without having to start at square one with meta networks or working through the underworld of Maya’s animation systems. Mark is a top professional and his years of experience in production with large teams working with mocap, animation and Maya shows up in the Red9 tools.

Brad ClarkRigging Dojo co-founder – Rigging DojoRigging Dojo

Having been using Red9’s Meta data systems for the past two years, I am unable to contain their awesomeness in the allotted space Mark has given me to sing their praises – they transformed my workflow.

Josh BurtonCG MonksCG Monks