Red9 StudioPack – Open Source Tools

The Red9 StudioPack is a suite of tools aimed at speeding up your animation workflows, available for everybody on the Autodesk Exchange web-site, and GitHub for those wanting to get more into the codebase and track changes.

It has a huge following amongst both game and film studios and continues to grow as the core api for most of the ProPack. The key is that the toolset is production battered, stable and extremely extensive!

Red9 ProPack – Pipelines on Steroids

The Red9 ProPack takes the work we’ve done on the StudioPack and extends it into the realms of a fully fledged production pipeline for both small independent and large scale studios.

We’re working with some of the biggest studios in the world, helping them create faster workflows and pipelines and the ProPack is the back-end for all of this. We can give you the kind of pipeline that it would take a team years to develop internally, but is available now!

Red9 PuppetRig – Solid Foundations

The Red9 PuppetRig is a modular Rigging setup that we offer to clients as a service. It’s based on workflows that we’ve been running for over 10 years, it’s fast, bullet proof, flexible and most importantly, fully integrated with all the Red9 toolsets.

We can get your production up and running in a matter of days with a world class rig and pipelines to go with it!