Red9 PuppetRig

Why waste months developing an internal rigging solution when you can subscribe to one that’s already in production on multiple AAA+ titles and which comes with the support of an entire pipeline and API codebase behind it!

The Red9 PuppetRig is a custom service we offer to clients. A bespoke procedural rigging system designed from the ground up to be fast, robust and feature rich. The build system is designed not just for bipedal characters, it also natively supports quadrupeds and any other bespoke character requirements in it’s modular design. Being the internal Puppet for Red9 it seamlessly integrates to all our tools, both the StudioPack and ProPack with enhanced feature support such as our CharacterPicker, Dag Menu systems, Animation Library, Timecode and Exporter hooks.

We give you instant access not just to a rig system, but to an entire animation pipeline that’s mature and fully production tested in many high profile game and film studios around the world.

Internally all our rigs are built to the same scale (unless requested otherwise), this allows you to take animation from a character that’s 8ft tall and simply load it onto one who’s 2ft tall and the data will still map correctly. What’s more all our rigs come with an animation re-target file to allow you to easily map animation libraries from one character to another.

At the root of the Red9 rig is our internal MetaData system, exposed through the Red9 StudioPack API. This powerful base architecture allows you to interface with the rig via a simple Python object that exposes most of the management and animation functions directly. Things like pose handlers, animation library, mirror functions, pose compare and many other vital functions are all wrapped for you.

Don’t take our word for it The Red9 Puppet is already in full scale production for some key clients!