Red9 StudioPack

The Red9 StudioPack is a huge suite of tools aimed at speeding up your animation workflows, available for everybody on the Autodesk Exchange web-site where it’s one of the few apps to be officially certified, it’s also available on GitHub for those wanting to get more into the codebase and track changes.

It has a massive following amongst both game and film studios and continues to grow as the core api for most of the Red9 ProPack. The key is that the toolset is production battered, stable and extremely extensive!

All key animation features run a filter under the hood that allows you to tailor the systems to your rig/ hierarchy, once configured the toolset hooks seamlessly to your solution allowing animation mirroring, pose saving, rig and transform snapping, time management, key copying, attr copying and a host of other core features, all filtered internally to deal with your setup.

For the TD’s there’s a complete metaData api included with tons of reference video’s showing you how to use it and subclass it for your own purposes, this is aimed at structuring rig networks under the hood. There’s also powerful Python filtering and node matching classes exposed. Additional tools include AttrMaps for dealing with hierarchy locking and storing, as well as a SceneReview tool which is ideal for tracking comments on a shot by shot basis across a studio.

Why OpenSource, well we want to give something back to the industry and share our experience..

Whats in StudioPack, take a look for yourself, just some of the features offered, for free!