Maya Pipeline Development

This is the core of the Red9 business! Our toolsets are growing fast offering cutting edge additions to your workflows. We have the open-source StudioPack ready to go, or gain from our experience of pipeline design – let us help streamline yours with the ProPack upgrade.

Character Rigging

Our modular in-house rigging system “Red9 Puppet” seamlessly syncs to all of your Red9 toolset, offering huge benefits to your workflows. You want rigs, we deliver them with a pipeline already attached!

Facial Rigging & Lip-syncing

We’ve spent the last few years dedicated to delivering believable facial performance systems. Talk to us about your needs; everything from simple lip-syncing to full blown digital doubles.

Training & Support

ProPack is a beast with a huge back-end API so dedicated support is always a good addition to ensure you get the most from the toolset. Maya is our life, let us share our knowledge with you and show you how to get the best out of the systems.

Animation Retargeting

Masters of animation retargetting and authors of a Siggraph MasterClass in 2011 on the subject.

Let us help you take animation from any character to any rig, en masse.

Motion Capture Supervision

Designing Motion Capture pipelines since 2004 means we’re ideally placed to guide you through any needs you may have, including powerful timecode support tools to help you keep track of both audio and body data.