Character Rigging

Bespoke rigging services

Our procedural rigging system, Red9 PuppetRig, has been designed from the ground up to be fast, robust and feature rich. The build system is designed not just for bipedal characters, it also supports quadrupeds and any other bespoke character requirements in its modular design. Best of all the rig seamlessly integrates to all our tools with enhanced feature support such as our CharacterPicker, Animation ReMapping, Custom Dag Menus, Pose & Animation Libraries, Game Exporters, Timecode hooks etc… The rig itself also has the usual list of features like IKFK switching, Space management, SoftIK, Stretch, PoleTrackers and so the list goes on.

  • Fast, flexible, mature and production weathered.
  • Deeply integrated into our ProPack pipeline.
  • Comprehensive API support.
  • BiPeds, Quadrupeds and all manner of strange beasts!
  • Layered build process for more flexibility.
  • SoftIK, Pole Trackers, IKFK matching, Space matching...

We constantly recommend and use the Red9 tools as they fill in a major gap in the Maya animation tool set. Additionally they provide a great foundation to build a rigging system around without having to start at square one with meta networks or working through the underworld of Maya’s animation systems.

Brad Clark - Rigging Dojo

Facial Rigging

High fidelity facial rigging solutions

Our FACS based facial rigging system has been in development for over 6 years and has matured into a robust, expressive and flexible solution. Ideal for all projects from VFX, Cinematic or in-game requirements. For hi-fidelity facial rigs, based on scan data, we can also help in the scanning process to ensure you capture the very essence of your actor.

  • Bespoke facial solutions for all productions
  • Hybrid joint & blendshape based
  • Over 10 years of R&D experience behind the systems
  • Scan based digital doubles to VR & ARKit projects
  • Fully integrates to our TalkBack lip-syncing solution

Deep Silver Dambuster studios have been working with the Red9 team to develop advanced, high-fidelity facial rigging solutions, from scan data, for our project. Thanks to Mark's many years of experience in the industry, producing top-end facial rigs, we were very pleased with the end results and can't wait to showcase them when published!

Jose Garcia - Animation Director - Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

Maya Pipeline Development

Customize your workflow with Red9 support

Red9 ProPack is a complete pipeline, but if your project requires deeper integration, or custom toolsets we can also offer full development services. Tailor our toolsets to your needs or we can develop bespoke systems for you. Think of us as your external TD department but with the keys to an established pipeline to tap into. We also offer full support and training as required.

  • Custom tools development
  • Full support for your animation production
  • On-site training
  • Additional rig development and features
  • Bespoke Technical Advice
  • Tailor workflows to your studio requirements

With such extensive animation pipeline experience and resources, Red9 are the ultimate technical animation support network. There is a solution for everything, and Red9 have it. Without their continued support, StarCitizen would not be where it is today.

Rob Howes - Lead Technical Animator - Cloud Imperium Games

Talk Back

Expressive Lip-Syncing, Accurate & Articulate

TalkBack is our unique audio driven facial solver that we offer as a service to clients. Based on years of internal development the system creates accurate facial animation purely from audio files. The results are perfect for a wide range of requirements. Ideal for bulk in-game facial data and far more cost effective than performance capture.

  • Accurate facial articulation driven purely from audio.
  • Cost effective alternative to expensive performance capture.
  • Fast and convenient process especially for large projects.
  • Fits perfectly into a game pipeline.
  • Multiple language support
  • Works with any Facial Rig

Red9's Talkback tool has been a great foundation for our character facial animation. Accompanied with their extensive rigging, tools, pipeline knowledge and first class technical support they have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Juan Gill - Character & Animation Manager - Slightly Mad Studios