Maya pipeline for professional animators.

Red9 ProPack is a production stable, flexible animation pipeline environment, supporting some of the biggest game & film studios.

ProPack is a fully fledged production pipeline aimed at all levels, from animation freelancers and  small independents to large scale AAA studios.

The toolset gives you the type of integrated workflows reserved for those studios with the luxury of large R&D budgets. It’s robust and production hardened over many AAA titles. The toolset is vast, everything from animation re-targeting, game exporters, custom rig handlers through to deep Perforce integration.

We’re working with some of the biggest studios in the world, helping them create faster workflows and pipelines and the ProPack is the foundation for all of this.

Above all, Red9 ProPack is a direct consequence of our desire to share knowledge and experience, all founded from our Red9 StudioPack toolset which is still OpenSource to this day.

We can give you the kind of pipeline that would take a dedicated team years to develop and become production stable, but is available now!

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Red9 ProPack in 30seconds

RigManager : allowing any rig to be connected to our systems

Animation Retargeting : This is a crucial part of ProPack, allowing you to remap animations from one character to another, on mass. Exceptionally flexible and feature rich.

Don’t forget to follow our YouTube channel Red9 YouTube

r9Anim Custom Animation Format : fast flexible and very powerful

Exporter Systems: overview of our Export pipelines

Animation ReDirector: allows you to dynamically repath a character animation

Project and Perforce Handlers : ProPack is built around the concept of projects, allowing users to quickly switch between Perforce mounts/streams and Red9 Project mounts from the Maya UI

Having access to Red9's ever expanding tool set and incredibly knowledgeable staff has proven invaluable. Over the last 2+ years we have shipped multiple titles with Red9 effectively acting as our Technical Animator. We would strongly urge others to check out their capabilities and see how their studios could benefit.

Jared Rudiak - Lead Animator - Armature Studio

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