Archive: Sep 2018

Bridging the gap, wiring any rigs directly to the Red9 Puppet back-end

This is the final missing link from ProPack, a system to enable you to bind ANY rig, both BODY and FACIAL, to our Red9 ProMetaData systems. This shows you how easy it is to marker up your rig to behave as a native PuppetRig as far as the tools are concerned, exposing the full power of the ProPack to your productions. We’d obviously like everybody to use our Red9 PuppetRig but have to be realistic, so this new UI bridges the gap.

We’ve exposed 2 new nodes designed to mimic the native Red9 Puppet setup and our Facial system, but these have been expanded to be a little more flexible. By simply wiring your rig to these nodes the rest of ProPack will assume it’s running a correctly formatted rig, exposing the full power of the pipeline without any of the work. The wiring is a simple abstract layer that all the tools communicate through, all backed up by our powerful MetaData API.

If you’re running full performance capture then this also exposes all the hooks to our timecode syncing and management systems!

Red9 PuppetRig – Auto Solvers and Trackers, resolving complex data

This is a very quick demo to show just how far the solvers inside the Red9 PuppetRig can be pushed with some insane MoCap data. PuppetRig includes auto-solvers for pole-vector tracking, auto-clavicle solving as well as softIK systems and this video shows just how well they deal with even the most complex data.

As you’d expect all these solvers run not only on BiPed data but also on our Quadruoped leg systems and are fully blendable as we’re more than aware that animators often want complete control, however as a solution within the rigging system they make hand key extremely fast. Best thing is that all the solvers can be quickly baked back to simple translate data on their respective controllers.

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Red9 ProPack : Project and Perforce Handlers

In this demo we go through our new Project Handlers, expose newly upgraded Perforce Integration and go through our r9File class object for all TDs out there wanting an easy life.

This is a hugely important concept for anybody running ProPack, especially within a large studio environment, if you’ve got a demo build of ProPack please ensure you watch at least the first 5 minutes of this video as its a CRUCIAL concept within the pipeline!

The Project Handlers manage all aspects of our systems, anything that requires a variable, a path, a class binding or a settings file they all inspect this system, allowing dependencies to be dynamically changed by simply switching the project mount.

More importantly the system now has deep Perforce integration, managing both server and workspace connection per project. Perforce is also exposed within the Red9 Browser, allowing you to seamlessly browser through your full P4 repository directly within Maya with options to checkout, revert, sync, add etc ..

Finally we go through the r9File handler, a high level file object that binds all of the project systems together, exposing both P4 handling and base OS management in a really simple python object for all TDs to use.

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