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Red9 Consultancy offers cutting edge production tools, rigging systems, bespoke workflows and support to the animation industry. Ever thought your studio or production could be working faster, better, more streamlined or efficiently but don't have the man-power, experience or R&D team to do anything about it.... that's where we come in.

We're a group of CG veterans with multiple AAA+ games behind us, passionate about sharing our experience and knowledge, helping you achieve more for less.

Red9 is already supplying state of the art pipeline solutions, rigging and facial systems to some of the largest film and game studios around the world. Our open-source StudioPack is expanding rapidly, gaining a huge user-base across the animation industry and recently becoming the only Maya App on the Autodesk Exchange site to be fully certified by Autodesk...but we're not stopping there.

We're working hard on a new Red9 Pro-Pack, offering cutting edge additions to the tools that you love. This will come with various licensing options so watch this space...

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"Red 9 goes a long way toward laying foundations and filling gaps in the modern animation pipeline." Morgan Loomis - Lead Animator Weta Digital

"We constantly recommend and use the Red9 tools as they fill in a major gap in the Maya animation tool set. Additionally they provide a great foundation to build a rigging system around without having to start at square one with meta networks or working through the underworld of Maya's animation systems. Mark is a top professional and his years of experience in production with large teams working with mocap, animation and Maya shows up in the Red9 tools." Brad Clark- Rigging Dojo co-founder

"Having been using Red9's Meta data systems for the past two years, I am unable to contain their awesomeness in the allotted space Mark has given me to sing their praises - they transformed my workflow" Josh Burton - www.cgmonks.com


What can we do for you?

Maya pipeline development

The core of Red9 business, we have the StudioPack already, gain from our experience of pipeline design and let us help streamline your production.

Character Rigging

New in-house rigging system that seamlessly syncs to all of your Red9 toolset. You want rigs, we give you one's with a pipeline already attached!

Facial Rigging & lip-syncing

We've spent the last few years dedicated to facial systems, talk to us about your needs, everything from simple lipSyncing to full blown performance work.

Animation retargeting

Masters of retargetting and authors of a Siggraph Class on the subject. Let us help you take animation from any character to any rig, on-mass if needed.

Motion Capture Supervision

12 years of MotionCapture pipeline design means we're ideally placed to guide you through any needs you may have, including powerful timecode support tools.

Training and support

Maya is our life, let use share our knowledge with you and show you how to get the best out of the systems.


Increase your productivity by hooking into the power of Red9.

Intro to our StudioPack

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