Red9 ProPack Exporter

Delighted to announce a new 3 part series of demos covering all aspects of our Red9 ProPack Exporter System. This hugely in-depth toolset covers all aspect of a modern export pipeline, from full FBX support, custom Playblast handling, our own r9Anim format, ABC alembic outputs to Perforce integration.

01: First we cover the base UI’s and concepts like path management, UI functionality, the node structures themselves, audio connection support and time offset / timecode support as well as some of the more in-depth features of the setups.

02: In this demo we cover the FBX export setups as well as showing you how to wire your own rig to the setup and what’s required. FBX we cover both our custom BindPose Exporter and the Animation Exporter. Topics include the SceneRoot Management, HIK Casting, Additive Anim Exports, Root Motion Compensation & Blendshape Export Management.

03: Final demo in the series covering the Red9 ProPack Exporter, this time we go through the Playblast task and the settings available. These include custom handling of the visibilities & render states of objects as well as custom camera tracking to ensure the camera remains focused in on the characters motions, regardless of the motion.